Forgotten Feelings
Cindy xx 17 xx It's hard to find happiness, i guess it's impossible. We have to fight for happiness, even if it destroys us. We are all fighters in a war with ourselves. There is always hope!
IMPORTANT! I'm in toronto from the 12 - 26 April, idk if i'll have time to answer questions. Stay strong!

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Hab Angst vorm Ende, bevor etwas überhaupt beginnt.

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How do I stop myself from falling down?
Anonymous asked: I really like this guy,he says he feels the same way but he's stopped putting effort in to talk to me,Its always me talking to him! I met up with him and he was acting really cute kissing me but he lives no where near me and I don't know what to do:(


Fight for him if you really want him, but if he won’t show interest in you you should let him go

Anonymous asked: I broke up with my boyfriend Friday because I found out he had been cheating on me for almost 4 months. It's only been 5 days and he's moved on already. Ive been crying since we broke up what am I supposed to do now.


he’s an idiot! Let him go, he’s it not worth !!! You deserve a better boy!!! Don’t let him bring you down. Just try to distract yourself. Move on darling.

Anonymous asked: Well my best friend has been blowing me off since he got his new gf. He hadn't talked to me in three weeks. I'm really worried that she is making him stop talking to me. I think that he is gonna forget about me and he was the only thing keeping me strong. What do I do?


Talk to him about that!!! Try it again and again till he’ll listen!

Anonymous asked: Hi...i think you are amazing!:) but Have you got a nice or positive thought that is able to react and make you fell better?


when i think about festivals in summer and the memories i made :) They made me smile :)

Anonymous asked: So. I saw my best friend offering his jacket to a girl... the girl I hate*for many reasons* and no, I don't love or like him, just want to be friends but I feel like ...I don't know like I don't exist ;( maybe you can help me? you <3


oh.. maybe you should talk with him about that or just don;t take his actions so serious. 

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