Forgotten Feelings
Cindy xx 17 xx Germany xx We'll never be perfect, but we'll never stop trying to be, even if it's impossible. We'll lose ourselves on the way to be perfect. We're the lost generation.
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It’s the maybes that will kill you.
Anonymous asked: Not pretty enough to be happy.... Not enough reasons to be sad. So much to be happy for, but I'm not happy, I hate my self. Idk if there's much for me anymore..... I'm not going to harm my self! But I just don't want to be worthless at the same...time. And I'm starving......


Darling, you are perfect the way you are. Don’t look at others. You are different and it’s good. Be yourself!  Try to find your happiness! 

Anonymous asked: My friends are scared of me now they've seen my scars & they talk about me behind my back, my parents try not to show it but they're ashamed that their 'perfect' daughter self harms. Im letting everyone down. I don't know what to do, any suggestions?


Maybe you should go to a counselor and talk about how you feel.. Could be a good solution.. but you really should stop cutting, there are other ways to let the pain out.

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