Forgotten Feelings
Cindy xx 17 xx Germany xx We'll never be perfect, but we'll never stop trying to be, even if it's impossible. We'll lose ourselves on the way to be perfect. We're the lost generation.
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Puzzle ( Borderline )

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Ich bin krank im Kopf, und ich weiß nicht mehr weiter
Egal was ich tat, ich bin leider gescheitert

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You fucked me up, and I let you


i love it when my brain decides to let me be happy

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letsgotravel-theworld asked: to the 5'10 14 year old, i'm 14 & i'm 5'8. i've always struggled with being taller than boys or all of my friends. after this summer, most of my guy friends are taller than me. they're still growing too. it's okay to be tall. i've learned that you can eat more food (; you are not a giant. you are you. make the best of your life. be proud that you can reach the top shelf. your running strides are longer, so in a zombie apocalypse, you'd be alive longer. (plus side & something to laugh at) :)



earth-to-kaetlyn asked: To the 14 year old, I've been 5'1" for five years now, I'm shorter than all of my coworkers, and if anyone ever drives my car they make fun of me for my seat being so far up, but I love being short, and you'll learn to love being tall. Give it time.♥



imperfect-exception asked: To that 14 yearold, I am 15 years old and over 5'11. Somehow I have become taller than my own father. I feel mutant in my family. Not only that but I'm a dancer and I'm always in the back or a base of a lift. Some days I just wish I could cut off my legs, but something that helped me was to spend a day thinking of all the great things about being tall. Thanks to being tall I took on basketball and I'm so glad I did. You're beautiful.


that’s right c: There are also positive things c:

poundsofelijah asked: I'm 5'10 and I'm 20 now. I've been tall since I was 13. To that 14 year old, I know that feeling, for me it hasn't gone away. No matter how much weight I lose or make up I put on I hate my body. People tell me how lucky I am but they don't tower over their classmates. Things that have helped me: -Dating a taller guy (my bf now is 6'2) -Wearing clothes that fit (spend extra money on clothes that are long enough, it will make you feel less self conscious) -Have at least 1 tall friend Xoxo E


:) everybody is beautiful c:

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